Alternative treatment

I watched an interview on TV this morning; current affairs show ‘The Nation’.. the interview was with the outgoing head of the NZ CTU (Council of Trade Unions). After all the ‘official talk’ about politics etc., she was asked about her cancer treatment. She stated these issues :

1) she is undergoing traditional treatments & they are not stopping the cancer
2) she does have access to morphine, if she needs it (pain killer).. but said it is ‘a horrible drug’
3) she is open to looking at alternative treatment.. including CANNABIS OIL; not widely available in Aotearoa/NZ
4) she is intending to write to the minister & ask that Cannabis Oil be made available to her & others for its curative & pain relief effects
5) Aotearoa/NZ has a ‘small town’ (fishing village) mentality on this & other new or alternative issues. She said there was often a move to just shut down the debate
6) The host of the program asked if she had looked at the ‘illegal option’.. she replied “YES, I did inhale” BUT did not like the idea of breaking the law, to access this ‘gentler pain-relief, alternative drug’

I was happy to hear a ‘high profile’ public figure, like Ms Kelly admit she ‘had inhaled’ & that she intends to lobby further, for the issue 🙂

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