Just let them suffer ?

I’m reading several stories recently about children with epilepsy, being denied access to cannabis drugs OR having to travel overseas to get them.. instead being told that they have to be given Steroids or other ‘more traditional’ medicines.
Patients with Cancer & M-S etc. having to ‘jump through 3 hoops’ to even be considered for nominated pharmaceutical cannabinoid drugs. Yet still the debate keeps falling into a bottomless hole.. meanwhile these people are needlessly suffering !

The excuses still echo with ‘reefer madness’ & this; ‘med-use will open the floodgates to rec-use’. BUT the reality is anyone with money & a bit of effort, can already get black-market cannabis, for what ever they choose to use it for. So this EXCUSE is wearing very, very thin. The current crop of MPs in Aotearoa/NZ obviously have higher priorities to concern themselves with…

BUT effectively the Govt. ‘power brokers’ are saying “just let them SUFFER !” because the alternative is just too difficult & they would prefer to maintain ‘the DEVIL they know’. Methinks; IF the current P.M.s children had suffered Epilepsy (not responding to traditional medicines) OR he or a family member had an illness that cannabis could treat.. it would like be at the top of the agenda, in short order ! (call my cynical if you like) :/

This is really getting beyond a joke 😦

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