MPs polled

Further to my last post; a TV show took a poll of current MPs on the issue of; support for Medicinal Cannabis. Of the 121 MPs in NZ parliament only 72 apparently responded to this poll (59%):

National Party (59 MPs – Govt.) : 1 Yes, 7 NO, 13 undecided

Labour Party (32 MPs – Opposition) : 16 Yes, 5 undecided

Green Party (14 MPs – Opposition) : 14 Yes

Maori Party (2 MPs – Govt. coalition) : 2 Yes

NZ-first Party (12 MPs – Opposition) : 12 undecided

United Future Party (1 MP – Minister, resp. drug policy) : 1 undecided

ACT party (1 MP – Govt. Coalition) : 1 undecided

SO.. out of 121 MPs only 33 said “Yes” to supporting Medicinal use. (46% of the respondents. 27% of the total)
They claim to be there to represent the people.. BUT recent polls show over 80% of respondents support Med-use law reform.

The most telling figure is the top one (National party – Govt.) only ONE MP said they would support it. I guess this is ‘an improvement’ from the ZERO who voted to support a Green members bill in 2009. This was supposedly a ‘conscience vote’ BUT this party voted ALL in a bloc, to block it at first reading.

In an interview recently, the Prime Minister said his party DO NOT have a philosophical blanket “NO” to Medicinal cannabis, if the evidence supports it. Maybe he is the ONE who said ‘YES’ (but I doubt it) ! :/

A sad state of affairs to my mind.. Its 2015 & regardless of changes occurring overseas.. this Govt. are more concerned about ‘playing politics’ than actually addressing the issue & making these drugs available (GP only prescription) to those patients who would benefit from them 😦

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