Talk is cheap

The recent admission by a prominent NZ Union Boss, that she used cannabis oil to relieve her pain from cancer, has stir up quite a bit of debate in Aotearoa/NZ over the last few days.. BUT “Talk is Cheap !”
Will this really make any difference to the people still suffering, due to excessive restrictions, on ANY use of cannabis drugs. Many media sources are highlighting the issues: TV, Radio, newspapers & the blogosphere too. Many saying the ‘War on Drugs’ (esp. Medicinal cannabis) is frankly Ridiculous, with recent polls overwhelmingly showing support (>80%) for reform. BUT one TV show made the effort to poll many of the current MPs, BUT still less than 50% gave any commitment to change the law, to regulate Medicinal Cannabis; allowing a GP to prescribe it, without two higher levels of approval. (as currently required)

I listened to a talk-back radio show, last evening.. the host was challenging ANYONE who opposes medicinal cannabis law reform to ring up & state their reasons. Over several hours, I did not hear one person take up the challenge. There was one guy who reaffirmed; the often held belief that many, ‘who make most noise’ about the issue, really want ‘recreational marijuana’ to be legalised.. BUT this does not constitute the vast majority who are now responding to polls & saying “YES” to Med-use.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that, this does not just ‘fizzle out’ as so many previous discussions have, in the past few years..
its is 2015 & ‘the tide is turning.. the winds of change are starting to REALLY blow !’ Hopefully strong enough to knock over ALL the ‘objectors’ ? :/

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