Mob Rule

I read in another statement that the Minister (resp. for Drug policy in NZ) is concerned about possible ‘Mob Rule’ on the issue, replacing ‘rational decision making’ (ie. HIS !!)

He has stated on numerous occasions; “…the provisions in place for medicinal cannabis are not likely to change.” This apparently overrules just about anything else, possibly including new discoveries or advances in overseas research. He even went on to state :
“This government’s policy is not to decriminalise the cannabis leaf (or bud), and that is not going to change. Raw cannabis is not on the agenda. It is government policy not to do so. Full stop, end of story,” Again apparently ignoring the changes occurring in Canada, USA, Australia & parts of the EU.. which he said ‘he is watching carefully, for further developments’

When asked about, other recommendations from the NZ Law commission report 2011 (into Misuse of Drugs Act), which also recommended Medicinal cannabis trials in NZ. The minister responded “The Law Commission is not God, and in this case the government disagrees with their view
This again confirms that this Govt. is just cherry-picking the issues which fit their agenda: effectively the status quo, ignoring the will of a large majority of ‘We the People’ who put them there. 😦

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