Ignored in ‘mainstream’

Many people in Aotearoa/NZ, especially those who vote (including I&I).. tend to keep an eye on the regular polls. These polls are put out by newspapers, TV stations & independent polling companies.
The one thing that sticks out, to me.. the lack of stats for the NZ Cannabis party (ALCP). At the last election in 2014, they got higher percentage of overall vote than two other ‘minor parties’ who did get a seat in parliament (by making deals with the ‘ruling party’). Often these polls have stats. listed as ‘other’, ‘undecided’ or ‘refused to answer’. It is entirely possible that, in light of the recent highlighting of the issues, around Medicinal use.. that quite a percentage are considering voting for this ‘one issue party’. As the rest of the world moves forward.. politicians here just ignore it or actually refuse to even address it. BUT the people are discussing it, via the blogosphere etc.

The other distinct possibility being, that these pollsters are deliberately excluding them.. for their own reasons or prejudices ? :/

In order to get into parliament in NZ, a party needs to get over 5% of the total ‘party vote’ or win an electorate seat. At the last election about 30% of eligible voters either refused or did not bother. Estimates are that 15-20% of adult kiwis are regular cannabis users. Maybe the lack of poll stats, dissuaded many to bother voting.. believing that very few are actually doing so ?

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