Canadian Change

I saw on the TV news that the Canadian Liberal Party (led by Justin Trudeau) has claimed victory in their election. They defeated the right-wing Govt. of Stephen Harper. The reason I point this out; Canada has had legal Medicinal Cannabis since 2001.. I hear that this Liberal party said that if they got into power, they will also reform the laws restricting personal/recreational use too. 🙂

The more western/OECD countries doing this, the bigger the tide gets & hopefully this will influence countries like ‘lil ol’ Aotearoa/NZ that still ‘sits squarely on the fence’ with politicians who are ‘burying their heads in the sand’ (like an ostrich, hoping it will all just go away) 😦

Fingers crossed they do change the law OR at least start the process prior to UNGASS 2016 ! :/

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