French BUST

I see in the news, that French Police have seized 7 tonnes (7,000 KGs) of Cannabis resin. The President has praised their efforts.. the largest DRUG BUST in over a decade apparently !

I just wonder, what the fate of this Cannabis will be ? The usual is, a court order to have it destroyed. BUT in light of the recent advances in medicinal research & use.. should these seizures be ‘diverted’ for use in these programs ? I read that the reason why Australia is set to start growing cannabis, is because the supply from other countries, is not guaranteed & is very expensive (inc. transport costs)
I’m not holding my breath.. looking at the map (downloaded from the ‘net); France is one of only a few countries in the EU that still appears to have a zero-tolerance approach to Medicinal & personal use of Cannabis (similar to NZ). How bizarre :/

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