Latest Excuse

I read that the NZ Minister responsible for drug policy.. has announced the ‘latest excuse’ why Aotearoa/NZ will NOT be considering joining Australia, in allowing cannabis to be grown for medicinal purposes: ‘The market is NOT big enough here to do the same’ (NZ population is about 4.5 million)
The only currently legal medicinal cannabis drug in NZ (Sativex) is currently imported from UK (?) made by a large Pharmaceutical company. It is not covered by the Govt. funding agency & currently costs, approved patients over $1000 per month !
Critics are saying that it is cheaper to buy Black-market cannabis (about $400 an ounce) & make your own medicine (infused oil or vapourised)

If this minister had even one ounce of credibility left.. these recent comments/excuses are rapidly destroying it.

btw; someone on a political blog criticised me & others for ‘attacking the minister’ saying it is detrimental to the cause. I responded by saying ‘There is a distinct difference, between an ATTACK & a rational challenge to the misinformation/B-S that he & this Govt. are pushing on the public !’

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