Document feedback

I have been looking for online feedback to the ‘leaked document’ I mentioned in my last post.

It seems that it was due for release at an upcoming : Int’l harm reduction conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; BUT it seems that this could now be ‘on hold’ due to the intervention of a ‘Large Government’ who are apparently pressuring the UNODC to ‘walk back the document’. I read that they are now saying it was intended only as a ‘discussion document’ & NOT as official policy.. even though the document is titled a BRIEFING Document & there is no mention of it being a DRAFT or just for discussion. I read that this had led many officials in the UNODC & exec. members to believe it was a formal policy statement/document, ready for release.

The UNODC spokesperson is now saying the document was “intended for dissemination and discussion” at the conference in Kuala Lumpur. The policy brief “is neither a formal document from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, and cannot be read as a statement of UNODC policy,” he said. “It remains under review and UNODC regrets that, on this occasion, there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding about the nature and intent of this briefing paper.”

BUT according to other ‘sources’ this was understood to be a legitimate policy briefing paper !

Another issue mentioned is that the UNODC seems to link Drugs WITH Crime, as if there is no seperation.. this has caused increasing criticism of the whole situation around DRUGS & Crime. (globally)

I await further updates..
btw; I have sent copies to several current NZ MPs for their advice & feedback 🙂

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