“We all know it’s harmful..”

Whilst I was watching the TV discussion on Medicinal Cannabis (please don’t call it ‘Marijuana’) this a.m… I heard a few of the people say things like “We all know it’s harmful..”
Well I just wonder who they were including as “WE”, because this is the high-point of misinformation. Whilst I would never say Cannabis is totally harmless, frankly I get fed up with people pushing this stereotypical drivel. The interviewer even said that much of the debate, over the years had been tainted with ‘Reefer Madness’ nonsense.. BUT, they still seemed unable to completely drop it either.

There are many things that can cause harm, which are not prohibited in law.. which do not result in a potential criminal conviction :

1) Playing contact sports, including NZ’s no. 1 game : Rugby

2) Driving a motor vehicle

3) Riding horses

4) Drinking alcohol, esp. to excess

5) Smoking Tobacco

6) Bungy Jumping

7) Crossing a busy road

8) even falling out of bed !

BUT the truth is we cannot wrap everyone up in cotton wool.. nor should we try to. Aotearoa/NZ is supposed to be a ‘Free Society’ with so-called human rights including ‘Freedom of Choice’ BUT the longer this Drug war goes on (esp. against cannabis use by adults) the more I start to doubt these things. Is the definition of a ‘good honest kiwi’ only those who fit into a narrow band of ‘societal norms’ excluding anything besides ‘Rugby, Racing (Horses) & Beer’.. as I often heard in my youth. If so, then its a very SAD state of affairs ! 😦

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