Brilliant comeback

The debate/discussion on Medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ appears to be coming to the point, of the minister having drawn a ‘non-negotiable’ line on what will be tolerated & what will not. It seems that he will consider only approving pharmaceutical extracts in measured doses (sprays, oil etc.) or maybe in tablet form.. BUT has totally excluded the ‘raw plant’ (or ‘leaf cannabis’ as he called it)

This reminded me of a comment I read several years ago, from a senior Professor of Pharmacology at NY Medical school. (about 1990) When asked for his response to a similar suggestion replied (paraphrased) “This is as ridiculous, as allowing Vitamin C tablets.. BUT banning Oranges or Orange Juice !”

To many people, a tablet with a measured dose maybe the ‘recommended’ option.. BUT I’m sure given the choice, just as many, if not most would prefer to eat an fresh orange OR drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. (inc. I&I) 🙂

In regard to cannabis, there is evidence that the plant has hundreds of therapeutic compounds, broadly called ‘Cannabinoids’ & they work better taken in combinations (ie from the raw plant), rather than seperated into specific cannabinoids (eg THC or CBD) or as a synthetic alternative. When I hear these ‘experts’ (inc. the Minister) saying these things, I really start to wonder: ‘who is writing their script or press releases’ ?

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