Talkback reponse

I listened briefly to some radio talkback.. responding to the latest statements on medicinal cannabis:

1) the host (like other reporters) constantly called it ‘Medical Marijuana’ which tends to grate on me, as the minister has stated clearly that he will not approve ‘leaf cannabis’ (raw plant, aka ‘marijuana’)

2) one man rang up & started ranting about ‘have you seen these idiots.. high on this marijuana‘ AGAIN nothing to do with the current or possible uses of CANNABIS for medicinal purposes. Further adding confusion to the discussion.

3) a lady rang up & said she had been given ‘cannabis oil tablets’ in the 1980s, in hospital, to help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy.

4) another lady rang & stated that her young daughter has also been given cannabis tablets for similar reasons. She said this was in 1989. To which the host responded ‘I guess she didn’t become a ‘marijuana addict’ as a result. The lady sounded like she could believe what she was hearing ie. total CRAP. I found this interesting, in that according to the media & the minister, Sativex is the only approved cannabis drug in NZ. It sounds like maybe it has been available (under the radar) for much longer.. without all the current fuss.

There wasn’t anymore calls on the topic, whilst I was listening. I think that a majority of kiwis agree that NZ should join the other OECD countries & do want to see medicinal cannabis drugs made more available. It also sounds like many are getting fed up with all the ‘TALK but little or NO action’ that is occurring. My concern is the reporters & media commentators who seem to be deliberately ‘creating controversy’ by using the words ‘Medical Marijuana’ when obviously this is not applicable. They also seem to infer that it could be, just an excuse to allow recreational use (as does the minister on many occasions) is this an organised smear campaign or agenda to keep some level of confusion amongst the public ? :/

I will keep my ear to the ground, for updates.. watch this space 🙂

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