Learn more about Drugs

I watched an episode of the ‘not usually for kids’ cartoon show ‘Family Guy’ this evening. They sometimes include stories that show ‘illegal drug use’.. this time the family are stuck indoors during a storm. Brian the ‘pot-smoking dog’ decides to take some ‘magic mushrooms’ to pass the time. He is caught by Stewie (the baby), who decides to keep an eye on him. After the initial ‘freak out’ Brian retreats to the bathroom & cuts his ear off.. “to save them from WWII ?”. Stewie sews it back on.. then his face turns large & his mouth turns from a cartoon to a very human one & Brian ‘freaks out again’ & leaps through the wall into ‘wonderland’ BUT its full of monsters & demons etc. After an episode of horrors, he suddenly ‘comes back to earth’ & finds Stewie looking after him.
At the end of the episode.. Baby Stewie walks up to the camera & says “This was a special episode about drugs & how they are not always funny.. SO, If you want to Learn more about DRUGS, then I suggest you go to your library.. there is probably a guy ’round the back selling them…..” :/ 🙂

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