Misleading or just LIES

I read a recent press release from the NZ Cannabis Party (ALCP).. their party leader alleges that not only is the Minister (for Drug Policy) misleading the people on Medicinal Cannabis.. BUT is just plain LYING about it !

On a recent TV current affairs program the minister stated : “we talk about medicinal cannabis, actually there’s no such thing“. The party leader also said “(the minister) was lying when he claimed that raw cannabis was not medicinal unless it was packaged into a pharmaceutical product.”

If you look on the internet, you can find numerous images of Natural Bud Cannabis, packaged for medicinal prescription/use. This minister has stated it is NOT a medicine & is not on this Govt. agenda to allow it.

The Cannabis party leader also stated “In 23 States of the US they have legalised medical cannabis in its raw form, without the need for any involvement from the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in keeping medical cannabis illegal, (in NZ)” he also added these very direct points “(the minister) has deliberately deceived the New Zealand public when he claimed that raw cannabis was not medicinal. In reality around 40% of New Zealand’s cannabis users are using it for medical reasons. Even when smoked it has medicinal benefits.” & went on to add “(the minister) is simply a glove puppet of the pharmaceutical lobby, he has not softened his stance one bit regarding medical use of cannabis in its natural form,” The Press release finishes with this statement from the party leader “(the minister & an aligned med-use only group) have muddied the waters with misinformation that is preventing meaningful dialogue around the medical cannabis laws.”
They are repeating the same tired old mantra; that many cannabis law reform groups/parties are using medicinal use as ‘an excuse to get a foot in the door for recreational use’. This maybe true, to some extent.. BUT it should NOT be the official excuse that stops, genuine medicinal use !

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