Compassion should not be illegal

I read an Australian couple are facing charges of possessing, supplying & trafficking a ‘drug of dependence’ (cannabis). The man had allegedly been supplying the drug to chronically ill people in the state of Victoria, including for children with epilepsy. The couple is due to appear in Melbourne magistrates court on 2nd December.. they face a potential prison term of up to 15 years !

The couple issued the following statements:

“All we are doing is helping people. I have not committed a crime. Compassion is not illegal.”

“We don’t charge (for the cannabis), but some people have given us donations.”

I believe that there are clinical trials underway in several Australian states (including Victoria) BUT obviously some sick people, cannot wait for bureaucracy to allow them to access this drug ‘legally’.

I & many others would probably agree that; Compassion should NOT be ILLEGAL, anywhere in the world. It is time that cannabis was fast-tracked to re-approve its use for genuine medicinal cases 😦

Again I state; I do not promote ‘law breaking’.. BUT reading this sort of thing, makes me realise ‘How Bloody Ridiculous’ cannabis prohibition is in the 21st century.

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