Ohio say “NO”

I read that the USA state of Ohio has voted “NO” to legalisation of cannabis for either medicinal or recreational use. According to the report, it was concerns about the ‘industry’ being taken over by a small monopoly of growers/suppliers.

The report stated : “Several polls leading up to Election Day showed that a clear majority of Ohioans support legalizing marijuana, but voters won’t tolerate this issue being taken over by greedy special interests,” said the chairman of Marijuana Majority, in a statement. “Our ongoing national movement to end marijuana prohibition is focused on civil rights, health and public safety, not profits for small groups of investors. This campaign also turned off many longtime legalization advocates by irresponsibly using a marijuana superhero mascot as a prop, which unnecessarily stoked our opponents’ fears about marketing to kids.”

The report had this closing statement : ‘Ohio is the only state this year to have a marijuana amendment on its ballot. California was the first to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, and others states, such as Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, have since legalized cannabis entirely.’

I still am convinced there is a ‘rising tide’ of support for change. 🙂

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