Police Warning.. CANNABIS

I read the latest press release from NZ Police: (highlights)

‘Police are once again warning the public to be on the lookout for suspicious activity – as the criminal fraternity set about planting their annual cannabis crops.’

‘It’s the time of year when organised crime groups plant cannabis, and Police say that there are a number of areas within the (identified/specified) areas that are isolated and remote environments which criminals will use to grow their drugs.’

‘Deerstalkers, pig-hunters, trampers, mountain bikers and anyone who works in the farming industry is asked to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour in rural areas.’

‘As well as the social harm caused by drug use, organised crime groups and other who grow cannabis have previously intimidated legitimate users of regional parks, trespassed on private land, destroyed farm crops, stolen farm equipment and damaged locks on gates.’

‘Police are urging the public to report any suspicious activity, which can even be done anonymously through the organisation Crimestoppers’

Again.. this leads I&I to believe that ‘illegal cannabis cultivation’ is still very near the top of the NZ police priority list.. 😦

Whilst many other OECD countries are looking at relaxing their drugs laws.. even legally regulating personal use of Cannabis, the NZ Police issue this nonsense.. Further reminding people that their total ‘zero-tolerance approach’ is still very active in Aotearoa/NZ

Almost sounds like, part of the script from “REEFER MADNESS”.. :/

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