Medicinal or not ?

Reading numerous reports on cannabis, it seems that the USA; Schedule 1 rating is the biggest block to genuine medicinal use.
Schedule 1 drugs are clearly stated to have ‘NO known medicinal or therapeutic value’. I read that there are increasing numbers of calls that this scheduling be changed, in light of recent evidence that cannabinoid compounds are being prescribed to treat Epilepsy, M-S & as a generic pain relief. There is also research into other conditions.. including Cancer.

I read that the approval to reschedule the drug, is under the authority of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Admin.) which to me, sounds totally ridiculous, when their main focus is to maintain a law enforcement approach & the WAR on DRUGS ! (or allowing the lunatics to run the asylum)

I also read that the DEA has put such strict rules around use, that it actually inhibits most of the research in USA & this pressure is put on other countries (signatories to UN conventions) to ‘tow the line’ also. I read that they will allow industrial hemp (with THC level below 1%) to be used to extract CBD compounds, which appear to prevent severe Epilepsy… BUT it is not the ‘silver bullet’ that some believe & does vary from patient to patient. Apparently some patients do respond better to a combination of CBD & THC, BUT the DEA are trying to stop access to these strains of the plant.. labeling them ‘Marijuana’ (which is ILLEGAL, at the federal level). It is also totally ridiculous that some USA states will allow THC strains for medicinal & other use, but still risk prosecution by DEA agents, at the federal level.

Of course its a different situation here, in Aotearoa/NZ where all cannabis is still effectively prohibited, except pharmaceutical ‘Sativex’ (BUT only, if approved at the highest level). They also do allow industrial Hemp (seed & fibre).. but not for any medicinal use.

I also read that Israel, Canada & several EU countries are also allowing medicinal use (including ‘raw herb’) but again only within the strictest regulated guidelines. One thing is certain the ‘reefer madness’ propaganda is still working across many areas of the world & societies.

Here in NZ.. I actually do think that some believe it is in fact ‘The Devil’s harvest’ OR ‘The plant with it’s roots in HELL’ based on some comments in the media & recent press releases (from NZ Police) OR at least they are intent on maintaining this view, for as long as possible.

The thing I find totally astounding (as I’ve said before) is that it seems that they are just looking for reasons/excuses to stop it being made available more widely, to people or patients that will get genuine medicinal or therapeutic value from it.

Its a bit like the excuse that, because it causes some people adverse reactions/effects (including Medicinal or recreational), we should stop everyone getting access to it.. OR because they can’t isolate specific cannabinoids that treat specific conditions.. they should just not bother trying other options, its all too hard (ie multiple compounds). I still think that they is an irrational hysteria (the underbelly) that if it becomes more widely available, the whole country will become ‘dope-fiends’ & then go onto ‘HARD DRUGS’ (the gateway theory) 😦

SO in the interim.. I watch & wait & continue to read & write……. & maybe get a little more: CYNICAL :/

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