more talk..

I listened briefly this morning to radio talkback.. they had apparently been ‘on the topic all night’ : “DRUGS !”

The host mentioned that there is a move by Govt. to issue Education on ‘safe drug-taking’ & that the NZ drug foundation are supporting ‘tab testing’ facilities at music events & nightclubs; where users can take their ‘illegal E-tabs’ etc. & get a scraping tested to see if it is actually MDMA, to confirm it is what they thought they had purchased. This then led to the point.. is it time to legally regulate these drugs ? take them out of the control of black-market gangsters etc. & allow them to be sold legally; ensuring that they are actually, what is written ‘on the package’, they come in.
Under prohibition, you can buy a tablet at a nightclub believing it is Ecstasy (E) & often it is anything from aspirin to amphetamines.

Several callers.. were on both sides of the debate (as usual) from : “Legalise all” to “Harsher penalties.. NO relaxing of DRUG laws” (probably whilst drinking alcohol ?) At least one caller highlighted that it is in fact: ALCOHOL that is the most harmful & it is time this was officially recognised.
It was unfortunate that I was in the ‘Land of Nod’ during most of the discussion.. BUT I am always glad to hear that it is still going on & changes are possibly on the horizon ? :/

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