Aotearoa/NZ is gearing up for the first of two referenda to determine whether we want to change our flag. (apparently costing $26million) BUT others are saying a ‘Reefer-endum’ on cannabis/drug law reform would be more appropriate.. in light of changes occurring elsewhere. Today I watched a TV current affairs show, a ‘panel’ picked their choice from the 5 flags put up, as the alternatives. Only one said staunchly; ‘NO CHANGE’ although there does appear to be an under current across the country.. that a wider debate is needed first. This mirrors the issues around cannabis law reform:

1) many recognise that change is inevitable, BUT most are still ‘sitting on the fence’

2) many say a wider debate is needed first, to define any change

3) there is a staunch group who will not accept any change, regardless of any debate.. too set in their ways

4) there is another staunch group who say “Change is well passed due !” & “what the hell, are we waiting for ?”

On the flag issue, I say we do need the wider debate first.. BUT on the cannabis law issue; I tend to take the fourth option.. “it is well passed due & what ARE we waiting for ?”

It seems the flag debate is due to the ‘whim’ of our current Prime Minister (who many say, just wants a legacy to point at, in old age) BUT he is also apparently one of the fence sitters.. leaning toward ‘NO CHANGE’ on cannabis laws ! 😦

Reminds me of the line from Mr Bowie’s song
‘I still don’t know what I was waiting for.. time was running wild, a million dead-end streets..’ & this ‘I watched the ripples change the side, but never leave the stream..’

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