Urgent legislation

I see that the NZ parliament is currently ‘ramming through’ legislation.. due to changes in Australia, anyone who has been jailed (even cumulatively) for more than 1 year OR is seen to be ‘of bad character’, at the whim of their minister, can be now placed in detention & deported to their ‘country of origin’ (many are kiwis, who have spent most of their live in Australia.. but did not take out citizenship). The NZ Prime Minister had a recent rant, in parliament about : Murderers, Rapists & Child sex offenders.. BUT it has come to light, that many are ‘Drug offenders’ or even shop lifters. One case involved a guy who has never even been arrested, but as he has connection with a ‘Bikie gang’ (possible drug dealing ?) he is judged ‘guilty by association’ & also now faces deportation to Aotearoa/NZ.

I would be interested to see the actual percentages of those charged with ‘Drug offences’ as estimates are that about 25-30% of prison inmates in many countries are there for such ‘crimes’ & about 50% of ‘first offences’ are DRUG-related 😦

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