Drug-related Harm

I just watched a news item on Al Jazeera TV.. about ‘Drug-related Harm’, in Thailand. They showed a group of armed Police wandering around a small village.. checking the houses for ‘Drug Dealers’. They said they have a Zero-tolerance approach to manufacture & supply. At one house they came across a solo-mother (with a young daughter), who was dealing ‘meth’ tablets to make a living. They arrested her & showed ‘her stash’; looked about 30 red tablets. They said that, as this was obviously not for personal use, she would be charged as a ‘Drug dealer’ & potentially faced years in Jail.

As they led her away.. it showed her young daughter sitting alone in the yard, screaming (sounded like ‘Mama’). The commentator closed the story, by saying she would likely end up with many other young children, working in the fields. The Police said that the Drug trade was causing a great deal of harm in Thailand.. BUT to me (a different perspective) it looked like Prohibition (arresting the mother) was causing more harm.. to the children. 😦

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