Who IS the victim ?

I often hear that many drug offences are referred to as ‘victim-less crime’.. so IF these offences, really are a crime, then surely there MUST be a victim ? Else; what is the criminal offence ??
If you look at other CRIMES; murder, rape, robbery, assault etc. it is clear who is the ‘perpetrator’ & who is the ‘victim’. BUT in the case of : Cannabis cultivation & use.. we can say the grower or the user is a ‘perpetrator’ BUT are they the ‘victim’ too ?
If at this point you are totally confused.. then join the club 😦

If a person sells cannabis, again you can say they are the ‘perpetrator’ BUT is the buyer (who buys of their own free-choice) the ‘victim’.. I don’t think so.. else you could put all ‘bottle shop’ owner or bar tenders in the same category.

SO.. the standard definitions are effectively not in any real context.. I’d love someone who is either making or enforcing these laws, to actually come forward & ‘PLEASE EXPLAIN’. I actually think the REAL CRIME in this context is actually Prohibition & Law enforcement being used as the main focus to deal with is matter :/
ie It’s all total BULLSHIT !!!

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