The truth is out there..

Just like the line from ‘The X-Files’.. besides all the Reefer madness B-S, ‘The TRUTH is out there !’. I find that the beauty of the internet, is that we can take on a ‘pseudonym’ (aka handle) & speak fairly openly.. of course I’m certain that it is all being monitored, BUT there is still a level of anonymity. I feel the biggest block to ending the drug war, is that most people fear ‘standing up to be counted’ BUT ‘in here’ we can, sort of do this.

I read on another blog, some ‘commentators’ saying that we should all just use our ‘real name’.. BUT as in the ‘real world’ that often makes many ‘put on a mask‘.. to create a ‘public persona’ as opposed to showing their real feelings :/

In regard to Cannabis, ‘there was a time not to far gone’ when all we heard was : EVIL, ILLEGAL, LEADS TO HARD DRUGS, CAUSES MASS INSANITY & CRIMINALITY etc. etc. Now we can actually speak out & say “BULLSHIT !” OR ‘MISINFORMATION’ & ‘DISINFORMATION’ put out there by propagandists to blind us to the truth. Of course I still think the best option is to stand up (in the real world) & say “Enough is Enough.. time to end this nonsense”.. accordingly I have organised a meeting with my local MP (Member of Parliament) in December to discuss it & try to push, the alternative ideas forward ! 🙂 fingers crossed

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