Synthetic B-S

There has been quite a bit of ‘BUZZ’ recently in Aotearoa/NZ about the latest wave of ‘Synthetic Cannabis’, that is apparently filing hospital A&E beds with people suffering, heart palpitations, breathing problems & even seizures.
I posted the details of a current affairs story recently, that found that these synthetics were basically ‘mixed herbs’ with horse tranquiliser or even ‘Meth.’ (aka ‘P’) being dissolved & sprayed on it. One person even said he heard that Fly-spray was used !
Since the passing of the ‘Psychoactive Substance act 2013’ (now under review) there has been a misconception that these synthetics are ‘Safer & lower risk’ (as stated by the Minister) than the natural herb. There also seems to be an extra focus by Police to seize/stamp out the natural herb, whilst apparently overlooking these synthetics (that are now deemed illegal too).
I saw a picture from a newspaper story today, of some of this latest ‘Synthetic cannabis’.. frankly it looks more like something from a muesli/cereal packet, than a cannabis plantation !
Come on people.. don’t lay down & accept this BULLSHIT from this Govt. who don’t seem to give a damn about real ‘harm Minimisation’ 😦

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