Peruvian Snow

I watched a doco. on Al Jazeera TV; ‘Snows of Andes’, about the Cocaine trade. Most of it was filmed around a sea port, where they said most of the big money being made there, is connected to the drug trade :

1) 300 tonnes are estimated to pass through the port annually, most on the way to USA & Europe
2) In a TEN year period about 42 tonnes had been seized
3) In a 7 year period there were 203 arrests
4) Between 2013 – 2015 (film made) about 30 people had been killed in the area
5) USA are funding large numbers of customs & police to wage the Drug War, but it is only scratching the surface
6) They showed a manufacturer; he paid $US100-150 to buy enough ‘cocaine base’, acetone & hydrochloric acid (ingredients) to make about $US1000 worth of the pure drug. They filmed him dissolving the ingredients & separating the Cocaine, ready to dry & turn into 95% pure cocaine powder, ready for sale.
7) They said Peru, is becoming a ‘Narco-state’, surpassing Columbia as the Cocaine capital.
8) One person stated that regardless of the massive efforts (funded by USA) they were doing almost nothing to stop the cultivation, production & trade.
9) A customs agent said ‘as long as there is a market, the trade will continue’
10) The main prosecutor, even admitted that they were likely seizing less than 10% of the total being exported, through the port.
11) Corruption is rampant with Customs, Police & ‘legitimate’ port workers taking bribes to help load the drugs & allow them to pass through.

Again, I do not promote ‘illegal drugs’ BUT we have to face the reality.. People use drugs & prohibition is NOT the way to control them.. REGULATION !

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