SHAM Justice

I watched a documentary, last evening.. about the kiwi man who was caught with 1.7kg of Meth in Bali a couple of years ago. They showed actual footage of the trial & covered the issues, that led up to his arrest at Denpasar airport. The man was the ‘victim’ of a scam involving an online dating agency, where he believed he’d met an attractive Asian lady called ‘Jessy’. He apparently had numerous communications (online) with her & arranged to travel to Hong Kong to meet. When he arrived in Hong Kong, he was put up in a ‘dodgy hotel’ & advised that there was a problem with ‘Jessy’ getting a visa & the meeting was changed to Guangzhou in mainland China. (the centre of Chinese Meth production) All his travel & accommodation (in cheap/nasty hotels) was paid for by ‘Jessy’ or her ‘friends’. The man then arrived in Guangzhou to find that again there had been ‘visa problems’ for his sweetheart ‘Jessy’. After then agreeing with her contacts in Guangzhou, the man finally set off to meet ‘Jessy’ in Bali, Indonesia.. being assured that this was now sorted out. He also agreed to carry a bag with some possessions for ‘Jessy’ (packed by the contact in Guangzhou).
Of course this is when, the story became ‘International News’; after flying to Bali, he was arrested at Denpasar airport with the DRUGS in HIS bag. Throughout the proceedings & trial he categorically stated that he did not pack the bag with ‘Jessy’s possessions’ & he was just carrying it for her to collect. The customs agents in Bali, discovered the bag contained the 1.7kg of Methamphetamine. ‘BUSTED’

During the trial, the ‘strength of the prosecution evidence’ (as with other similar cases) was purely on the ‘fact’ that it was his bag & it contained the drugs. There was no finger-printing of it, to confirm his prints were even on it.. or anyone elses either. During the trial they showed the panel of judges, often dozing off (as if they were not interested, in ‘the evidence’ being presented.. a forgone conclusion ?). During the trial it also came to light that much of the communication from ‘Jessy’ had originated in South Africa, but also Guangzhou (where she apparently was not located). The lawyer showed online pictures of ‘Jessy’ on several dating sites & stated that it was very unlikely that any of the communication, had originated from the lady in the pictures. They concluded that the man had been set up from the start, by a drug trafficking group, by pretending to be ‘Jessy’. The lawyer said this may well have happened regularly in the past & continues with more gullible ‘drug mules’ as part of this ‘dating scam’. so Beware y’all..

The man was sentenced to 15 years in the infamous Kerobokan Jail (Hotel K). His family (who travelled to Bali, to attend ‘the trial’) agreed not to appeal the decision, as this could risk the death penalty, if found guilty a second time.

If this is what they call ‘Justice’ in Indonesia then it’s a total SHAM & a shame to the world 😦

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