I’ve been listening to the recent dialogue around COP-21, the climate change talks in Paris. There seems to be consensus, that something needs to be done urgently to reduce carbon emissions.. mostly from burning fossil fuels. BUT I keep hearing that we cannot divest quickly from their use, in the short-term. This reminds me again, of the slogan by Sir Jack Herer (RIP) that ‘HEMP can save the world’. In his book ‘The Emperor wears no clothes’ he talks about the alternative use of Hemp to make biofuels. This was championed by Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) as his preferred option to run his motor cars on. The major problem was that the alcohol prohibitionist step in (apparently sponsored by the fossil fuel industry) to put a stop to Ethanol production.. one of the products from biofuel production. Then shortly afterwards.. the scare-mongers brought about cannabis prohibition that put the final ‘nail in the coffin’ of this proposal. BUT roll on 70-odd years & the laws are changing & maybe this could become a viable option again ?

If the Govts. of the world committed to planting Hemp.. instead of freaking out about it. Whilst it grows, it sucks up CO2. The products (via pyrolysis) apparently are much lower in CO2 output when burned (more efficient). The scientists, seemed to have formed a consensus that we need to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees this century, to avoid disaster. The talk is that if we ignore this & continue down our current path (recklessly burning fossil fuels.. with no limits) we will exceed 4 degrees or maybe more ! There are alternative views, if we start to think that money, is NOT the only driving force in the world 😦

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