Medicinal – Frontlines

I just watched a TV current affairs program – end of year show; They were running it like a Xmas party, friendly chats with MPs & other guests who had been on the show this year. One person was the ex-Union Boss who admitted using Cannabis Oil to treat her cancer, side effects (illegally). The host asked if she had gotten approval to use the drug legally yet. She replied that she has the paperwork, but it is very complicated: she & her doctor & specialist have to determine which Drug is most suitable for her condition. She said that could include another drug, besides the only currently legal one (Sativex) in Aotearoa/NZ.. but to get approval requires all sorts of jumping through hoops, to get final approval from the Minister. She stated that it would be far easier if these other cannabis drugs were now legal & available in NZ, as in many OECD countries.

She admitted she was still using ‘illegal’ cannabis oil, which is ‘very effective’ for her condition. BUT she made it sound like the reality is, it’s easier to continue breaking the law. She also mentioned that there are opposition MPs looking to progress bills in parliament, to amend the current laws, BUT that will not happen in the near future ! (she may pass away from her illness first ?)

Meanwhile on the frontlines; very little has changed, very little has been debated & many people who could use cannabis for genuine medicinal purposes; either jump through the hoops OR break the law.. 😦

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