Frontlines – Mexico

I have heard for decades that the front-lines of USA drug war has been on their southern border : Mexico. Whilst much of the cocaine apparently comes from further south (South America).. Tons of Cannabis are grown & shipped north in a constant flow. Places like Acapulco, Oaxaca, Michoacan etc. are world renown for their cannabis (aka MARIJUANA.. a mexican slang name).

I hear that the Drug cartels in Mexico, pretty well run the country, with massive levels of corruption. The pockets of Police, Judges & Politicians allegedly being lined with the huge profits from the black-market.. to turn a blind eye. BUT with the recent law changes occurring in USA (Colorado, Washington etc.) it seems this message is reaching the land, south of the Rio Grande. I see in the news that the first permit has been issued to allow personal cannabis use in Mexico !

With the impending UNGASS (UN General Assembly Special Session) on Drugs commencing 19/4/2016.. fingers crossed these ripples will become a torrent & flow around the globe.. hopefully reaching; little ‘ol Aotearoa/NZ too ? 🙂

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