Front-lines Aotearoa/NZ

There isn’t really any ‘news’ from the front-lines in Aotearoa/NZ.. just more of the same: arrest, prosecute & punish, effectively still Zero-tolerance, for all DRUGS.. BUT I did hear last evening (on the radio), that the Govt. is extending the increasing level of work-place drug testing, to include POLICE !

I think this should be mandatory, but I have heard that the Police union are strongly opposed to it.. WHY ? Do they know that a substantial number of their ‘rank & file’ officers are probably using illegal drugs (as has been widely rumoured for decades). I actually think it could be the best thing for the law reform movement.. to confirm that the ‘DRUG WARRIORS’ see themselves as being ‘above the law’. :/

There are allegations that illegal drug use & possibly dealing (esp. Cannabis) is wide-spread, amongst the younger officers & specifically; the ‘DRUG-squads’ 😦

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