TV Doco. about Mr Lennon

I watched a TV doco. last evening titled : USA Vs John Lennon. It was about the period after he left ‘The Beatles’ & moved to the USA. They also showed footage from his time lying with Yoko in bed at the Amsterdam Hilton.. singing ‘Give Peace a Chance’
The two issues that really caught my attention :

1) He was heavily involved in political activism, including Cannabis law reform. He sang a song at a big music concert about a pro-law reformer who was sentenced to 10 years in jail, after he sold TWO joints to an undercover cop. After the concert, there was such a public backlash, that the man’s sentence was overturned & he was released !

2) John & Yoko were living in the USA, on temporary visas pending application for permanent residency. In 1972 he was served with a deportation order. The ‘official reason’ was due to an old cannabis conviction from England.. 1960s. The immigration Dept. determined he was a person ‘of BAD character’ & refused his application. He decided to fight this to the high court. It was discovered that his file contained evidence of surveillance records from the time he started being involved with the political activists & even had letters from the FBI, CIA & President Nixon.. concerned about him. After Nixon was ‘booted out’ (1973) his application was reassessed & they were granted ‘Green Cards’

The Doco. ended with the scenes (in 1980) after his shooting death. There are still conspiracy theories that this was arranged by the FBI or CIA.. to finally silence him on speaking out against the USA Govt. & their war efforts. 😦

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