Busted.. Med-use in NZ

I read in a local newspaper story, a 56-year-old woman has been busted & sentenced for cultivating cannabis.. for relieving her pains from injuries received in the largest earthquake in recent years in NZ (Christchurch). The report say the police were investigating another matter, when they discovered a ‘concealed workshop’ with a cannabis-growing operation. This contained 8 seedlings, 14 semi-mature plants & 20 mature plants. There was 77 grams of cannabis in the house. The judge gave credit, that there was no evidence of her supplying the drug to others & it was a first offence.
BUT she was sentenced to 3 months community detention. I guess that is slightly better than another recent case, where a woman was sentenced to 2 years in jail, after a home invasion.. revealed a large stash, that was reportedly for personal use !

This still appears to confirm my thoughts that Aotearoa/NZ has a ZERO-tolerance approach to cannabis. 😦

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