Game changer

I’ve mentioned the upcoming UNGASS a few times (starts 19/4/16).. well it does sound like it could be a ‘Drug War Game changer’, IF enough people stand up & be counted : saying ‘NO to Prohibition’ & ‘Yes to law reforms’ (Legal regulation, similar to Alcohol)
I read that several Asian countries are calling for the status quo (including the death penalty for dealing) to continue, BUT most ‘western countries’ are saying the Drug War has failed to meet its objectives & are calling for alternative options !

UNGASS was brought forward by 3 years from 2019 (scheduled time) due to several South American countries, petitioning for it & the facts that several countries are already effectively breaking the rules of the current 1961 UN conventions, by allowing production & supply for recreational use of cannabis. There are also several celebrities & well-known people also standing up & saying ‘Time for change’. I read that $billions are spent annually on this failed law enforcement option. Surely this money would be better spent on: EDUCATION, health care, treatment & rehab. ?!

“What do we want ? Law Reform.. When do we want it ? NOW !!!” 🙂 🙂

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