Its not a ‘western medicine’

I read that Colombia (Sth America) is set to legalise medicinal cannabis. There does not seem to be any doubt that it is increasingly been seen as an alternative option.. BUT ‘Its not a Western medicine’. This seems to be the main stumbling block, here in Aotearoa/NZ.
I personally suffer lower back pain (old age catching up ?) & have admitted to two doctors that I have used illegal cannabis as a self-medication to relief the pain. Both of these doctors have said they don’t want to hear this. I’m guessing that it puts them in a difficult ‘legal position’ ?

I believe that the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors, requires that they do their best to relieve the symptoms of illness & if nothing else; do no harm. BUT by restricting themselves to only western medicines, they are limiting their options, especially with this now rediscovered ancient medicinal/therapeutic plant. I can take ‘traditional pain-killers’ with no issues, but due to the ‘legal status’ of cannabis, I risk criminal prosecution if I self-medicate this drug.. its just WRONG !

Then again is it just the political influence, by ‘Big Pharma’ that is the real ‘control’ here ? :/

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