More Misinfo. Med-use

I read that the call by a cancer patient (who uses illegal cannabis to relieve her symptoms) for a referendum on the issue, is being attacked by a ‘christian right’ group. The report says that the group have pulled out the old ‘reefer madness’ rhetoric.. ‘just a backdoor to recreational use’.

Surely a ‘christian’ group should support using this drug to relieve pain & suffering.. but instead are stuck with the outdated hysteria & misinformation, based on half-truths & lies from the 1940-50s.

IF this group are genuine in their concerns, then they would use rational debate as a way to separate the issues & support the medicinal use, rather than just spread this CRAP ! 😦

Fingers crossed that sanity does prevail & Aotearoa/NZ can join the rest of the OECD/western world.. moving forward on this issue ? :/

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