Med-use feedback

I listened to an interview with Rose Renton this morning on radio (her son, Alex was given Elixinol – CBD oil in 2015.. first NZ case in recent times, but he passed away). The hospital & doctors are saying that the drug had no real positive effect on her son’s condition. Ms. Renton is disputing these comments.

1) The Elixinol did seem to relieve his suffering & other harsher drugs were discontinued, after it was administered.

2) The process of approval was too long & drawn out. Alex was in hospital for a few months, before the minister finally gave approval for the drug.

3) If the Elixinol (or other CBD drug) was given at the beginning of his illness, not the end.. then maybe the outcome could have been different.

As I said, this was the first approval for a CBD oil to be legally administered in Aotearoa/NZ in recent times. Many other OECD countries now have a wide range of cannabis drugs legally available, to treat epilepsy & other conditions. In USA, Elixinol is sold over-the-counter, without prescription. In NZ we only have Sativex.. but this requires a 3 stage approval (doctor, specialist & ministerial). This is totally ridiculous & excessively restrictive. Whilst Ms. Renton was speaking as a lay person (mother), her comments highlight the situation around cannabis drugs.. still clouded in ‘reefer madness’ hysteria, in this country. Some in the media calling it ‘medical marijuana’ !

Surely the evidence is clear, that cannabis does have genuine medicinal/therapeutic benefit, even if it is just as a mild pain relief. I still think there is a powerful sector of society, that would prefer to see cannabis totally prohibited, even for its medicinal properties ? 😦

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