Road to UNGASS 2016

I’ve been reading some blogs/web posts etc. on ‘The Road to UNGASS 2016’ (UN review of current drug conventions.. scheduled 19-21 April). Whilst this was brought forward from 2019, by lobbying from a few South American countries, I am a little surprised to read that some European countries seem to be saying ‘more of the same’. I also believe that the current Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ, is likely on the same page.

BUT.. several ‘high profile’ people, NGOs & politicians are saying that change is well past due. The focus needs to move from a law enforcement/zero-tolerance approach to health care & human rights initiatives/alternatives. After 55 years, it should be clear to most people with a rational, open mind, to conclude that prohibition has failed to achieve the stated objective : ‘A DRUG-FREE WORLD’ & in fact has contributed to higher levels of manufacture, supply & use globally. The same result that alcohol prohibition in 1920s USA had. I read that there has been some agreement on the ‘unintended consequences’ (BLACK-MARKETS, Corruption, Organised Crime, violence etc.) that have arisen from the current regime.. but has it shifted many people’s opinions on the ‘demon drugs’ that some believe are a scourge on the world ? It seems.. maybe not..
There is an old saying ‘If you don’t learn from mistakes of the past, you are doomed to repeat them‘ & repeat them we certainly have. $billions are wasted annually to maintain a failed, outdated ‘War on DRUGS’ with no specific end-date or exit-strategy 😦

I will continue to keep an eye on issues arising, on the Road to UNGASS 2016.. hopefully “the times they are a-changin’ ”
Watch this space folks……

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