Stop busts.. Tax Pot

The louder the calls for cannabis law reform, in Aotearoa/NZ seem to get.. the more the current Govt. just seem to dig their heels in. BUT if you look back at the original issue that led to global prohibition, this could provide an alternative solution to busting everyone who is caught. The thing I’m talking about : ‘The Marihuana (sic) TAX act 1937’ (USA)

The original legislation called for all ‘producers of Marihuana’ to purchase a ‘tax stamp’ ($1 in 1937).. although I believe none were issued prior to WW2.
There are some people saying “Stop the busts.. Regulate & Tax the stuff” & I tend to agree. The usual reply, if people grown it themselves.. this is unworkable. BUT if the law was changed, so that an annual ‘tax/fee’ was payable to home-grow, else it would still be illegal, I’m sure many would think twice ?
The other alternative could be, to license it to ‘commercial growers/producers’ who would pay an annual license fee & pay GST/VAT-type tax (15% in NZ) on all sales. Subject to audit, as is any other business venture.

This would hugely boost the annual tax take, reduce the massive cost of maintaining this failed ‘WAR on DRUGS’ (main target : cannabis) & possibly fix the economy ?!

The refusal by this Govt. to consider this sort of option.. leads I&I to think there could be something else going on (cynical).. Black-market price is about $350/ounce. If it was regulated, the price could drop dramatically.. SO who is really driving this ? (pulling the strings) “It really makes me wonder..” :/

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