Sativex funded.. one case

I read that a NZ district health board has agreed to fund a Sativex prescription for a patient with severe seizures.

This comes after the funding body ‘Pharmac’ rejected the recent national funding proposal. All other patients have to pay over $1000/month.

I hear this could lead to a call to review this decision, which was based on two criteria: a lack of clear evidence, of its effectiveness & concerns that the drug could be sold to the black-market (both very weak excuses to my mind).

The report states that the 20 year old patient has the mentality of a toddler.. BUT with the use of Sativex she has been able to lead a more normal life.

“Since being on Sativex for over 4 months, she has shown a great improvement,” her mum said.
“Her seizures have decreased immensely and now, after long last, (the patient) has been able to enjoy a better quality of life without the disturbance of erratic and continuous prolonged seizures.”

Her father said the new treatment cover was a relief – although it hadn’t been easy getting funding from the Government pharmaceuticals agency Pharmac.
“The drug should be readily available to New Zealanders who needed it, (her father) said, rather than taking months of pleading for a special dispensation.”
“It basically saved our child’s life and helped her a great deal,” he said.
“If anyone else is in the same situation they should have the opportunity to have it as well, if they want it.”

Maybe this will, at long last change the ‘head in the sand’ attitude that this Govt. seems to have been taking. It seems that until recently they have been just looking for any excuse to reject Cannabis drugs.. even using the old Reefer Madness comments about ‘leading to insanity’ & the ‘gateway to hard drugs’. It seems that the weight of evidence, mostly coming from overseas has finally caught up !! :/

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