Death by Police Chase

I hear on today’s news, that two more kiwi teenagers have died in a police chase. This is the second incident in only a few days, where young people have either been severely injured or died in similar circumstances. The reports are a little short on details as to why these young people have fled from the police.. it was suggested that possibly due to the theft of the vehicles or possibly Alcohol intoxication. I hear that in other countries eg Australia & USA, Police are discouraged from similar prolonged chases, due to the risk of injury to the Police, the people being chased or other ‘innocent bystanders’.

BUT; I have heard another common reason why young people flee from police in Aotearoa/NZ.. suspected possession of illegal drugs (mostly cannabis) which NZ police still take a zero-tolerance, arrest for the smallest quantity approach to. Whilst drink driving is a criminal offence, possession of any quantity of alcohol is not.. but possession of ‘other drugs’ still seems to be amongst the highest priorities/target for NZ Police.

Again.. DOUBLE STANDARDS with deadly results ! 😦

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One Response to Death by Police Chase

  1. The idea of a police state is not appealing. Such notions sound like Alex Jones talking points.

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