Customs catch only 10%

I watched a TV news report.. a ‘secret informant’ made some interesting statements:

1) It is estimated only about 10% of drug importations, are being caught at the border
2) Only packages over 5KGs are seriously investigated
3) Cannabis is apparently no longer really a priority. Often small amounts are not even seized or referred onto Police
4) about 900KGs of precursor chemicals (used to make ‘Meth’ aka ‘P’) were seized in 2015. This is up from about 650KGs in 2014.

The informant went on to say, that these issues were directly related to large staff cutbacks in recent years.

It was stated that customs agents know that nearly all these precursor chemicals are arriving from one factory in China, BUT over 90% of packages get through the border screening process.

These issues were raised with a senior Customs Executive, who effectively denied most of the claims.. BUT did confirm that cannabis (Class C) is no longer their target priority. They put most effort into Class A seizures.

I could say I’m happy to hear that Cannabis is no longer a priority.. BUT the reality in Aotearoa/NZ, is that this plant is mostly grown in the country, not imported across the border. I am a bit concerned that potentially, 8 tons of precursor chemicals are crossing the border annually & this amount is probably on the increase. The un-taxed profits from this going directly to black-market gangsters & possibly ‘corrupt officials’ ! 😦

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4 Responses to Customs catch only 10%

  1. pseudonymous says:

    Tell them to suck my desk

    • Zedd says:

      I think the War on Drugs, (in many western countries) has become the ‘seen to be doing something’ show, rather than actually stopping the drug trade.
      As I’ve said before.. I believe the majority of busts in Aotearoa/NZ are apparently, for small amounts for personal use, rather than commercial quantities from Black-market gangsters !!

  2. pseudonymous says:

    Your gov runs the drug show and doesnt wanna lose its precious drugmoney brah

  3. Zedd says:

    I’ve always thought the Drug war was more about maintaining the huge profits flowing to the Black-market (probably also into ‘officials’ back-pockets).. also keeping the ‘Prohibition industry’ employed (Police, courts, prisons, customs). Estimates are that without it, about 30-40% would be redundant ! :/

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