Big Pharma Junkies

I just watched a TV chat show, about the current issues around opiate addiction in USA. It confirmed the details I saw in a doco. several months ago :

1) Big Pharmaceutical companies have been advising general practice doctors since the 1990s that their modern opioids are safe & effectively non-addictive if dispensed correctly & according to recommended doses etc.

2) Opioids were only used prior to the current regime, to treat severe pain on a short-term basis, but since 1990s these new brands (Oxycontin etc.) are being prescribed for nearly every kind of pain, including back pain & arthritic joint pain etc. on an ongoing basis

3) Many of these patients, once they are taken off their prescriptions, are progressing onto street heroin or other black-market opioids, as they are fully addicted & do not receive adequate detox. programs

4) The perception of the ‘street junkie’ as a male African-American or prostitutes have changed dramatically to large numbers of ‘white folks’ across all age groups of both sexes

5) The 20th century idea of criminalisation (war on drugs) as the way to prevent addiction is increasingly seen as a naive & completely outdated

6) One person stated that these Big Pharma. companies are now broadening their products, to include a version for children

The upshot, is that Big Pharma business plan has now moved to turning huge numbers of so-called ‘middle-America’ into a generation of ‘Big Pharma JUNKIES’, all based on total misinformation about their effects.. to boost their already massive profit margins !

At the close of the program they said that in recent times, the ‘first responders’ to drug addiction problems are moving away from police to medical teams. This is apparently due to this change from mostly black people to increasing numbers of white people :/

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