Search Stats

I put a comment on another blog, about the ‘estimated seizure stats. in NZ customs’ being reported as only about 10%.
Someone replied “how do they know, its only that low ?”

Another TV report from the ‘informants’ clarified :

1) About 650 containers arrive at the main ports in Aotearoa/NZ, on a daily basis.. only 1-2 are regularly opened & searched
2) Due to recent policy changes, flights from many countries are now just cleared through customs. Only a small portion are ‘spot-checked’ & the use of detector dogs has been largely reduced.. usually just ‘suspicious characters’
3) It was stated that these changes ARE as a result of ‘cost cutting’ by the Govt.

The reporter said that many drug traffickers, did NOT attempt to transport illegal drugs on International airlines in the past.. but the level of surveillance has dropped to such a low level, that it likely very common-place now

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