Join the dots

I’ve been puzzling about a few things occurring in NZ politics & the economy recently. I heard a few things that sort of ‘join the dots’ & make some interesting ‘speculation’ :

1) The Auckland housing market is spiraling out of control. Now amongst the most expensive markets to buy into, anywhere in the world; average prices around $750,000.. many well over $1million.

2) There are strong suggestions that many of the houses are being sold (en-mass) to foreign property speculators. Apparently most coming in from China

3) The Govt. have recently lowered the visa requirements to visitors (specifically those arriving on at least one major Chinese airline). There is even a provision that if they invest over $3million in the economy, they can get residency fast-tracked.

4) There has been a large increase in precursor chemicals, apparently crossing the border ‘undetected’ by customs. The majority apparently being manufactured in China.

5) Methamphetamines have become the biggest increase in ‘illegal drugs’ now flooding the black-market in Aotearoa/NZ.. moving ahead of cannabis

6) This Govt. has maintained a ‘tough on drug crime’ stance.. which has kept black-market prices for ‘meth’ at about $1000/gram (so I believe)

IF you do ‘join the dots’.. is it JUST possible that this Govt. have ‘pulled all the levers’ to allow the Chinese drug gangs access to NZ & they are ‘laundering their profits’ & investing it all in the over-inflated housing market ?

It really makes me wonder ! :/

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