Car chase update

I listened to a radio interview this morning.. talking about the recent issue of increasing numbers of teens being chased by Police.. resulting in several deaths. The interviewee was a retired police officer, who said that many of the chases are probably unnecessary & should be called off (as is now occurring in similar overseas jurisdictions). The interviewer said “surely this will lead to more drivers ‘running from police’.. often due to stolen vehicles, other theft & ‘DRUG-running’ ” & reaffirmed his belief in the ‘tough on crime’ stance, by this current Govt.
The retired Policeman made some of interesting statements:

1) Police can take the details of ‘offenders’ & follow up after the event. This would likely stop the recent deaths.
2) Road police should be targeting; specifically traffic offenders (speeding or breaking other road rules), but often pulled up suspected ‘drug offenders’ (just on suspicion of possession)
3)The interviewer said that another issue, was the apparent increase in ‘lack of respect’ for Police, by youth.. including verbal abuse. BUT the interviewee said that in the last twenty years (when he was a frontline officer) there seems to be a change in police attitude with more allegations of young officers, using their position to pick on members of the public, saying that respect goes both ways.

I agree 100%, when I was younger.. it was called the NZ Police Service, but now they use the USA term ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT’. NZ Police are currently not armed (although they apparently do keep guns in their vehicles). In the last few years there has been louder calls by the Police union to follow USA & Australia; fully arm all front-line officers. I’m guessing that this would likely lead to more ‘deaths by police’ not less 😦

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