The Bees are dying !

I’ve been hearing there are major concerns (esp. from the Environmental lobby) about the shrinking numbers of bees, which pollinate a large percentage of plants. It has been stated that this is likely due to attacks by varroa mites & other biological factors.. BUT I was given a leaflet recently titled ‘Save our Bees’. It states that it is more likely caused by huge quantities of insecticides being poured into the environment by the farming sector to control ‘other insects’ that attack their crops.
I read that over the last decade, there is a new range called ‘Neonicotinoids’ (containing NICOTINE.. the DRUG in Tobacco). Can it be that in order for ‘Big Tobacco’ to maintain their massive profits (after the number of cigarette smokers has declined) they have turned this poison into an insecticide.. to poison the insects !? 😦

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