Access denied

The previous head of the NZ council of Trade unions (Ms Helen Kelly).. who has terminal cancer, came out on TV a while ago & stated she was using ‘illegal cannabis oil’ to relief her symptoms. Aotearoa/NZ is still taking a very backward attitude to medicinal use of Cannabis (only one approved drug; Sativex & it requires approval at ministerial level). Ms Kelly recently filled out the paperwork & got her doctor & a specialist oncologist to tick the boxes.. BUT the minister has ‘deferred the request’ to use an alternative cannabis drug.

*Health officials have tried unsuccessfully to get the information they need to approve former trade unionist Helen Kelly’s application for medicinal cannabis, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says.*

‘In January she applied to the Ministry of Health to use a cannabis product to help control her pain and nausea, but yesterday the ministry deferred her application, saying it did not contain enough information.

“They’ve said my doctor hasn’t described enough how the current drugs I’m taking are not working,” Ms Kelly said.

“He’s described all the drugs I’m taking and he’s a senior oncologist and he said, ‘I’m seeking permission to give her cannabis’, but they’re saying – they’re second-guessing him – ‘are you sure you’ve tried everything?’.”

‘The ministry had suggested she apply for another cannabis product, Sativex, but its chemical make-up meant people who took it experienced greater hallucinatory effects than the product she wanted to use’, Ms Kelly said.

I wish Helen well in her efforts. I just wonder if the current Prime Minister, other Govt. MPs or a member of their whanau would suffer this outrageous fortune !?

In many other OECD countries cannabis & extract drugs are widely prescribed, just from a general practice doctor.. BUT here anyone who could benefit from it has to jump through several hoops. Ms Kelly even stated she can get a Class A Opiate, BUT getting a Class C cannabinoid was many time more difficult. “How Bloody Ridiculous.. sez I&I” 😦

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