Calling famous tokers

In order to ‘End the DRUG war in Aotearoa/NZ’ & around the global; we need to raise the profile… so…
“CALLING ALL FAMOUS STONERS” Stand up & be counted !

In my youth (when I first inhaled) I heard the vast majority of famous rock stars & actors all used weed etc. BUT they seem to spend all their time in the media spotlight denying or talking around the issue. Of course I can’t paint them all with the ‘tar & feathers’ Janis & Jimi more recently Amy all said “stop trying to force me into rehab.”

BUT how many stand up to say PROHIBITION is causing most of the so-called ‘Drug related harm’ : gangsters, black-market. corrupt officials.. nothings changed since the ‘roaring 20s’.. the so-called ‘unintended circumstances’ that they knew would happen, after the end of alcohol prohibition in USA

So.. come on : Paul & Ringo, Mick & Keith, Robert & Jimmy…. etc.

Stop all the hypocrisy & bull-shit; Its 2016 NOT 1961.. the winds of change are blowing & its time to let them really howl ! 🙂

“Good onya Sir Richard” for leading the charge. btw; you should put a pot-leaf on the tail of your first ‘Virgin galactic’ ship & christen it ‘Spacial Sativa-X’ 🙂 🙂

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